Life's greatest adventures reside outside your comfort zone

We simply design the products to get you there.

The westridge mission

Westridge is an outdoor company with a rebellious soul. Born from an ambition to eliminate the barriers to adventure, we’re powered by an ethical business model and a small team of innovators.

By designing everything in-house and through selective sourcing overseas, we’re able to create premium products at a fraction of the going rate.

But value is merely a byproduct of our integrity, not the standard by which we measure success.

We’re only ever as successful as you are empowered to try something new.

Free shipping

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50 day returns

Take over a month and a half to see if your product is right for you! We offer 50 Day Returns on all Westridge Products.

Talk to a human

Speak directly to one of our Outdoor Specialists via live chat, email, or phone 213-744-1555.

About our brands

Here at Westridge, we are captivated by our environment and we love to experience it in all its glory. Located in Los Angeles, we're spoiled with sunshine almost year round. When we’re not working, we’re on our bikes and when we’re not on our bikes, we’re on the water and when we’re not on the water, we’re trying to scale a mountain. We savor every moment we get outside and we want to share our appreciation for playtime in the fresh air with you. Which is why we have housed all four of our brands under one roof, making it easier for you to find the perfect product for your next outdoor adventure!

Critical Cycles wants to get you off your sofa, away from your desk, out of your car, and onto a bicycle.

We have a hefty selection of colors, sizes and styles available, so you can snag exactly the bike you want. We handpick each element that ends up on every one of our bikes. We also incorporate the highest quality parts to produce a product that will last you years of city commuting, leisurely cycling, and exercise riding. We do all of this and still bring you the best prices across the interwebs!

This Ten Toes Board Emporium is the revival and revamping of an actual 1960s surf board brand. Though its lifespan was short, we have been inspired by their ingenuity, playfulness, and love for the open ocean.

We’ve designed our boards to be evocative of the raw yet charming simplicity of early surfing. Located in beautiful Los Angeles where the sun shines brightly almost year round, we’ve pulled elements from authentic retro surf lifestyle.

For us at Ten Toes, it all started with inflatable paddle boards. We realized how great it would be if we could transport our boards with ease, rather than struggle to load and unload and store and try not to damage gigantic and imposing boards. Inflatable paddle boards are just as structurally sound as traditional paddle boards, but can be deflated, rolled, and stored in any cubby anywhere. Our iSUPs shrink to about a foot by 36 inches, allowing you to take them all over the place. Today, we’ve expanded our arsenal of ten-toed offerings to include Longboards, Skateboards, and Slacklines: Adventure Awaits!

We are a small team of gritty riders on a mission to make the bicycle as sharp and functional as it is affordable. Conceived with the urban, fixed-gear lifestyle in mind, today Retrospec builds bikes for every kind of urban cyclist and terrain.

Our bicycles are built with popular brand name components. Our steel frames are flawlessly designed. They are tig-welded by professionals to ensure that they ride comfortably and last for many years. We take pride in tailoring the most handsome finishes in the industry. We test all products in-house for durability, performance, and safety.

Here at Retrospec, we are passionate about minimizing the carbon footprint of our operation and promoting an alternative and affordable method of transportation. Biking improves our health, reduces air pollution, prevents traffic congestion, and reclaims the streets as shared space. That's why we are so passionate about what we do. We love riding fixed-gear bikes and we want to share this with you.

Traverse is a company designed for the culture of those who push themselves to reach further, climb higher, and above all else, conquer.

Our products are meticulously designed to feature top of the line technology that enables the rider to take on any challenge the mountain may have in store. We create products that allow you to enjoy the simple pleasures that come with a day spent at your favorite mountain resort while knowing that you are equipped for any and all obstacles that may lie ahead.

Founded on the ideal that all snow enthusiasts shouldn't have to choose between quality and price, it's the Traverse belief that you are entitled to industry leading products at straightforward price points.