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Retrospec Bicycles’s large picnic basket is the ideal traveling companion. Attach this hand-woven basket to the handlebars on your bike and wheel around town with all of your things in tow. The two genuine leather straps with brass buckles fasten to the handlebars so you can focus on what you’re doing and where you’re riding. Measuring 26.5cm x 33.5cm x 20cm deep, this all-natural basket has a double-reinforced bottom so it’ll stay strong as it stores your stuff. The opening rim is also double reinforced to ensure that the integrity of the basket is never compromised. The area of the basket directly underneath the leather straps is even more reinforced so you’ll never worry about a flimsy basket falling apart in front of you. Though we’ve designed this basket with our bikes in mind, you can attach it to nearly anything, including chairs, railings, wheelchairs, beds, and desks.


  • Hand-woven basket with all-natural materials
  • Two genuine leather straps with brass buckles to stay securely fastened to bike handlebars
  • Double reinforced bottom for uncompromised strength
  • Use this basket for more than bike storage, can be attached to chairs and railings
  • Measures 26.5x33.5x20cm

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