Retrospec Floor Pump

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This floor pump does it all and does it all seamlessly. Gone are the days of having to swap out and switch around parts in a pump nozzle to inflate different valved objects. Now you can quickly and easily go from pumping up a Presta valve tire to a Schrader valve tire with a flick of a wrist. Not only is it essentially effortless to change from Schrader to Presta and back again, but this versatile floor pump also comes with three additional accessory bits. Use the ball needle or either of the two bladder needles to inflate soccer balls, basketballs, footballs, yoga balls, and other toys as well as inflatable mattresses and floatation devices. With its ergonomic handles and flat, wide, and tractioned foot stands, you can pump efficiently and effectively. We’ve included our new and improved pressure gauge that’s easy to read and more accurate than ever. This floor pump has a capacity of 160 PSI. Adventure is calling and demanding that you bring along our ultra-practical floor pump on all your camping, biking, and traveling escapades.

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