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Whether the mountain beckons you to carve through the powder or dial in a berm, the Dirus has you covered.
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With versatility and safety at the forefront of design, the Dirus Ski/Snowboard Helmet is nothing short of a legend in the making. We have integrated 10 strategically placed vents for flawless temperature regulation into our unyielding ABS shell exterior and shock absorbent EPS Foam interior. This meticulously designed system incorporates removable ear pads to easily convert into a bike/skate helmet, along with a host of other features making the Dirus the perfect year round helmet.

Custom Fit:

The key to maximizing the effectiveness of protective headwear is a snug and secure fit. That is why we have incorporated our ErgoKnob Adjustable Dial into the design of the Dirus. A simple one-handed twist of the dial, clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise to loosen, will contract and expand the plastic framework built into the helmet. Offering a tailor made fit just for you, because a better fit provides better protection.


Safety is great, but if a helmet isn’t comfortable, why wear it right? That is why we paid special attention when including a plethora of features created to ensure wearing the Dirus is as pleasant as it is safe.

Padded Earmuffs provide protection and warmth from any cold wind or weather the mountain may throw your way. But what about those warmer spring rides you ask? Well we’ll answer. Our padded earmuffs are easily removable allowing for cooler air to flow through the helmet with ease. 

Our genuine fleece netted cap has a soft layer of padding along the inner rim of the helmet that caresses your head as you make your way down the mountain. The mesh material featured on our netted cap was specifically chosen to provide unrivaled moisture wicking that assists the helmet in regulating your temperature. Keeping you calm, cool and collected no matter what terrain you’re taking on.

A reinforced goggle clip is conveniently located on the back of the helmet to keep your goggles in place as you carve deep into that hidden powder stash you’ve been looking forward to all summer long. Besides providing you with the confidence that your goggles are perfectly positioned, the goggle clip also serves the purpose of seamlessly integrating the Dirus Helmet with any pair of snow goggles; but is particularly effective when paired with Traverse’s Varia (link to page) or Virgata (link to page) goggles.

The adjustable chinstrap comes equipped with a layer of padding that is soft to the touch, preventing unwanted and uncomfortable chin chaffing.


Proper ventilation was critical when it came to designing the Dirus. With six vents on top, two in the front, and two in the back, our 10 vents allow cool air in while pushing stagnate and damp air out.

We have also included two additional layers between the top of the helmet and your head to improve strength and moisture evaporation. First is our mesh wire layer provides an increased level of structural reliability and protection. Next up is our mesh cloth layer that transfers sweat from your head out of the vents where it is then evaporated.

2 in 1 Helmet Conversion

With a helmet so tech why would you only want to use it during the winter months? No matter what you’re out there riding when the snow is gone, we have ensured year round usage of our helmet by making it easily convertible to a bike/skate helmet. To do so simply remove the earmuffs and netted cap and insert the set of interchangeable pads we have included, easily converting your helmet during the warmer months.


When it comes to protecting yourself on the mountain the key is to never cut corners. This is why our helmets undergo extensive test to ensure the utmost quality before they ever hit the slopes. All Traverse helmets boast a certified ABS exterior and EPS Foam interior to provide you, the rider, with top of the line quality and protection. Traverse Sports Helmets have also received all of the helmet safety certifications including EN 1077:2007 for Ski Helmets and CPSC 16 CFR, Part 1203 for Bicycle Helmets.

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