Ten Toes 2016 NOMAD iSUP Roller Bag

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the NOMAD Roller Bag is about to change your world. Our inflatable paddleboards have already made traditional epoxy paddleboards nearly obsolete because of how impressively strong, stable, and, most of all, portable they are. Make transporting your iSUP even easier with this super durable nylon roller bag. It measures about 1x1x3’, so you can fit any one of our boards in this bag!

The large zippered section opens completely, so you don’t have to fight with your board to squeeze it in. There is a front zipper pocket and bottom pouch, both excellent spaces to store your fins, leash, repair kit, and any other knickknacks you might need on your adventure. The two wheels on the bottom of the bag are strong, reliable, and facilitate effortless stowing and towing.

Even if you aren’t embarking immediately on a water-related adventure, this bag is perfect for keeping your board clean and safe. Stick it in your garage or keep it in your car for spontaneous boarding trips.

    • Heavy-duty nylon bag with super tough wheels for even easier transportation and storage for your iSUP
    • Rolled up inflatable standup paddleboards fit in the large zippered compartment while accessories can fit in the front pocket
    • Fits all of our inflatable standup paddleboards
    • Measures about 1x1x3’

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