Inflatable standup paddle boards are a new phenomenon. You might be thinking to yourself, “why would I get an inflatable board when I could get an already hard, traditional board?” Well, we ask you, why would you get a traditional hard board when we have inflatable boards?


One of the most challenging elements of paddle boarding on a traditional epoxy board is getting it to and from bodies of water. If you don’t have a rack on the top of your car, you can’t really travel with your board. If you’re on vacation and don’t have a car, well you’re really SOL.

Ten Toes Boards are inflatable, which means they’re deflatable, too. When our boards are fully inflated, they have the exact same measurements as traditional hard boards. But when you release the air and roll your board up, it measures approximately 11” by 36” and stays wrapped up tightly with a nylon strap. You could fit a dozen rolled up iSUPs in the space a single epoxy board takes. Take your rolled up board with you on camping trips, in RVs, on planes, trains, and automobiles. Our boards are lighter than their counterparts both inflated and deflated.

Seriously, this facilitates water-based adventures in an unprecedented way. You can fit a rolled up Ten Toes Board in almost any nook or cranny in your home (and approximately 40 rolled up boards underneath your bed alone).


Not only are our boards more easily transported and lighter weight than their traditional epoxy competitors, but they are also essentially unbreakable. Ten Toes Boards manufactures every SUP the same way. The interior is constructed via dropstitch technology. This means there are at least 100 threads per inch of board connecting the top and bottom. This method best maintains the board’s shape when fully inflated. While traditional paddle boards are made from the outside in, our inflatable standup paddle boards are made from the inside out. After the stitches are connected to a basecloth, the entire board is covered in a multi-layer protective shell. The outermost layer is a stiff, military-grade PVC.

Traditional epoxy paddle boards are also surprisingly fragile. They can get knicked easily because of the material. Our inflatable standup paddle boards, on the other hand, can withstand the weight of an American-made SUV. Yes, we’re serious. No, we’re not being dramatic. No, you can’t do it, too. Yes, if you do it your warranty is voided. Because we said so.

We’re serious about our sport and, accordingly, produce the highest quality paddle boards available on the market. We refuse to sacrifice quality for price. Paddle like you mean it.