Critical Cycles Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond City Bike
Our latest offering in city-dwelling transportation has something for every type of rider, riding on any type of urban terrain. Combat Bay Area inclines, flat Chicagoland boroughs, and all else in between with a classic retro style and ease of a top-notch hybrid city bike ride. Combined with front and...


Retrospec Mantra V2 Fixed-Gear / Single-Speed Bike
You know the Mantra 1.0. But now it’s time to meet the Mantra 2.0. It’s been designed and built with the same kind of love and enthusiasm for cycling. Our newest version of our classic fixed-gear / single-speed bike now comes standard with front and rear Promax brakes and machined...


Critical Cycles Harper Fixed-Gear / Single-Speed
The Harper single-speed fixed-gear is the next generation of commuter bike. It’s built around a tig-welded steel frame and fork and top shelf componentry and is equipped with front and rear brakes. The hand-built track frame has bar-spin clearance, a flat top tube, no toe overlap, and horizontal dropouts. This...


Critical Cycles Judd Folding Bike Single-Speed with Coaster Brake
The Judd Folding Bike is perfect for the rider that is big on convenience but low on space. Whether you’re pedaling your way across campus, heading in to the office, or packing up the RV for a quick getaway, the convenience of this folding bike is unmatched.    THE FRAME...


Retrospec Venus-7 Step-Thru Seven-Speed City Bike
The Venus seven-speed step-thru city bike is the perfect traveling companion for any and all of your outings. Equipped with a Shimano Altus seven-speed drivetrain, you can do just about anything on this bike. Ride from home to work, from work to market, from market to your mom’s, from your...


Retrospec Apollo Steel/Mesh Bike Basket
Go ahead. Be a basket case with Retrospec’s detachable half-mesh Apollo bike basket. It’ll securely carry all of your belongings as you ride from A to B to Z and back again. The bottom third of the basket is comprised of a steel mesh that will contain your roaming smaller...


Traverse Virgata Goggles
Whether you’re hitting the bunny slopes or the back country, the Virgata goggles provide you with first-rate optical protection. The harsh glare of the mountain sun is no match for our interchangeable, 100% UV400 protected, spherical lenses that are available in an array of tints designed to optimize visibility in any...

from $29.99

Traverse Dirus Ski/Snowboard Helmet
With versatility and safety at the forefront of design, the Dirus Ski/Snowboard Helmet is nothing short of a legend in the making. We have integrated 10 strategically placed vents for flawless temperature regulation into our unyielding ABS shell exterior and shock absorbent EPS Foam interior. This meticulously designed system incorporates...


Retrospec Mantra Fixed-Gear/Single-Speed Crankset
Here is the Mantra Crankset. This upgraded three-piece crankset is made of a lightweight alloy crank combined with a steel chainwheel for superior strength and a smooth cadence every ride. It’s better forged, which means the material is denser and stronger but still lighter than steel. With this beefier crankset,...


Retrospec Ergonomic Bicycle Grips
Easy rider? Didn’t think so. Neither are we. Gripping handles for prolonged periods of time can exacerbate already hurting hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. But this set of grips is engineered to absorb impact and shock. These soft Kraton rubber grips are 138mm long with durable end caps.


Critical Cycles Silas Bike Helmet
Whether you are traversing the back alleys of city streets or simply commuting to work, you can ride with confidence knowing Critical Cycles' Silas Bike Helmet is engineered with your safety in mind. This helmet is constructed with a polyvinyl chloride outer shell and EPS foam body to provide outstanding...

$19.99 - Drome Track Urban Commuter Bike 49cm / Matte Black, Retrospec Bicycles - 1
Retrospec Drome Track Urban Commuter Bike
A nod to the first of its kind, the Drome is our track bike. This single-speed monster sports a wider downtube for improved rigidity and aerodynamics. But our track bike isn’t for the track only, oh no. The Drome will clobber the competition on and off the velodrome. Our Drome...

$459.99 $369.99

Retrospec Mantra-7
It’s true. The revolution is here. Viva la Mantra-7! We’ve turned our esteemed fixed-gear model into a seven-speed all-the-time bike. The Mantra-7 sports the same beloved features as our single-speed, but is now slightly more robust and up for the most vigorous of rides. With the multi-speed drivetrain, you can...


Critical Cycles Pursuit Fixed-Gear / Single-Speed Bike
Take pleasure in knowing our Pursuit / Bullhorn Fixed-Gear / Single-Speed bike is all about the pursuit of happiness while you grab a bull by its horns. THE BENEFIT OF THE BULLHORN Every cyclist will prefer one riding style over another, but many flock to the pursuit handlebars for the...


Critical Cycles Barron 21-Speed Hybrid Fitness Bike
Sometimes an escape is all we need to break up the routine of everyday life. Quick vacations of the mind where we can step back, and allow ourselves a moment to take a deep breath and appreciate how far we’ve come. The Barron fitness bike is here to provide just...


Retrospec Mantra Wheelset with Kenda Kwest Tires
The Mantra Wheelset is one of the most versatile wheelsets available. The super deep-dish wheels boast features that transform any bicycle into a lean, mean, cycling machine. Transform every ride into a silky smooth dream as you ride atop these colorful and durable wheels. The rear wheel has a flip-flop...


Kryptonite - Kryptonite Bike Lock Evolution Mini-7 with 4' Flex , Critical Cycles
Kryptonite Bike Lock Evolution Mini-7 with 4' Flex
Kryptonite’s Evolution Mini-7 Lock is the high security solution you’ve been waiting for. It includes a four foot KryptoFlex double loop cable and a 13mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle to keep your bike protected. The cable is long enough to lock into both the front and back wheels and heavy-duty...

$70.00 $40.61

Wanda Tires, 26-Inch x 2.125
Wanda bicycle tires are wider and thicker for better shock absorption and stability. You can count on these tires as your riding through your city or up your trails. They’re lightweight but the best choice for riding with intense intent. They measure 26x2.125” for an always dependable ride. (Please note...

from $11.99

Retrospec KMC Chains
KMC is the industry leader in bicycle chains. These KMC Z410 chains are strong and sturdy and come in a crazy amount of colors. They measure ½” x 1/8” and have 112 links. They also come with a chain connector that makes installation easy. *Due to differences in screen resolutions,...

from $5.99

Critical Cycles Lenox Hitch Mount Bike Rack with 2-Inch Receiver
The Lenox Hitch Mount Bike Rack from Critical Cycles was made to assist you in getting your bikes where they need to be for your destination cycling adventures. Constructed from steel to provide unmatched strength, this hitch mount easily installs into Class III or IV 2-inch receiver hitches. The Lenox...

from $69.99

Kryptonite - Kryptonite Bike Lock Keeper 512 Combo Cable , Critical Cycles
Kryptonite Bike Lock Keeper 512 Combo Cable
Keep your cool with Kryptonite’s Keeper 512 Combo Cable Bike Lock. This lightweight pre-set combination lock is very easy to use. The flexible steel cable is braided for extra cut resistance. It measures 5mm in diameter and 4 feet in length and self-recoils to keep your bicycle safe. Additionally, the...

$15.00 $5.55

Retrospec Drome V2 Track Urban Commuter Bike with Carbon Fork
If there is one thing we’re sure of, it’s that competition never goes out of style. The second iteration of Retrospec’s classic Drome track bike is new and improved, and it’s ready to fast track your progress to victory. With a 6061 aluminum frame that is double-butted and tig-welded, your...


Critical Cycles Maddox Folding Trunk Mount Bike Rack
The Maddox trunk mount rack will get your bikes to your destination safely, securely, easily! The Maddox’s lightweight and easy to install design ensures for a convenient yet secure on most sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, or SUVs. The fully adjustable anchors and tie-downs ensure the security of your bike. Meanwhile the 22” long...

from $34.99

Kryptonite New York Chain 1210 Bicycle Lock with Evolution Series-4 14mm Bike Disc Lock
Kryptonite New York Chain 1210 Bicycle Lock with Evolution Series-4 14mm Bike Disc Lock
Kryptonite’s New York Chain 1210 Bicycle Lock is the high security solution you’ve been waiting for. It includes a 12mm six-sided, chain links made  of 3T   hardened manganese steel fir maximum strength.   A durable, protective nylon cover with hook-n-loop fasteners to hold in place. This lock also includes  Evolution series 4...

$97.00 $89.99

Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1018 Combo Cable Lock
Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1018 Combo Cable Lock
Kryptonite KryptoFlex 1018 Combo Cable Lock. A 10mm, flexible braided steel cable provides increased cut resistance. Take advantage of the integrated, 4-digit resettable combination lock with indexed number dials for error-free combination setting. Last but not least is the intuative protective vinyl cover for added protection. Kryptonite offers an anti-theft...

$25.00 $15.99

Kryptonite Kryptoflex 815 Key Cable Lock
Kryptonite Kryptoflex 815 Key Cable Lock
Kryptonite Kryptoflex 815 Key Cable Lock with 8mm, flexible braided steel cable that provides increased cut resistance. This lock also includes an advanced cylinder to help provide greater protection from picking. The lock head rotates 360 degrees for easier handling during lock up and removal. An integrated, adjustable spline attachment...

$16.95 $10.50

Kryptonite Locks Krypto Keeper 12 STD w/Brkt 4"x8"
Kryptonite Locks Krypto Keeper 12 STD w/Brkt 4"x8"
Kryptonite Krypto Keeper 12 STD w/Brkt 4"x8" is made with a hardened steel shackle that resist hand tools. A reinforced collar over keyway is included for increased protection as well as a click style transportation bracket for added convenience.   Kryptonite offers an anti-theft protection program with certain bike locks. When...

$25.00 $22.99

Critical Cycles Stash Rack 5 Bike Floor Stand
Critical Cycles bicycle stash rack is the simple storage solution for your small fleet of up to 5 bikes. This rack is simple to assemble and adjust, and also requires no hardware for assembly. A fine powder steel coating protects the rack from any damaging weather conditions, making it perfect...


Critical Cycles Lenox Hitch Mount 2-Bike Tray Rack with 2-Inch Receiver
Answering the call to adventure shouldn’t be the most difficult part of your cycling journey. Which is why we have designed our Lenox Hitch Mounted Tray Rack to provide the convenience you need when looking to take on your next two-wheeled conquest. The Lenox’s wheel-mount design provides ease when loading...


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